The following is an overview of the legal matters that we handle. Please send us an e-mail or call us today at (207) 518-8663 to set up an appointment to discuss your specific matter.

Family Law
Portland Legal, LLC, will compassionately assist you through your divorce, adoption, modification, child custody, child support, parenting issue, de facto parent case, pre-birth order, or parental rights and responsibilities action. We can also draft or review separation agreements, sperm donor agreements, prenuptial agreements, parenting agreements, co-parenting agreements, domestic partner agreements, or other documents, and will help you enforce or modify child support or custody orders after your divorce is over, or assist with a contempt action or protection from abuse or protection from harassment action. Zack is a trained and registered Guardian ad Litem, and can be appointed by the Court to investigate child custody issues and child placement in divorce or parental rights proceedings. We also have experience with emancipation cases, guardianship actions, father's rights, child protective matters, second parent adoption, same-sex marriage, divorce, and family issues, de facto parent cases, and with settling disputes related to the termination of domestic partnerships.

Criminal Defense
If you are facing prosecution for criminal matters, we can help you resolve your misdemeanor or felony matter pending in the Maine state courts, whether the charge is for property crimes, personal offenses, drug crimes, or traffic offenses. We have experience with drug possession cases, domestic violence assault charges, driving offenses, and many other types of cases including allegations related to violation of city ordinance.

Civil Litigation and Contract or Deed Drafting
We handle contract and collection disputes, demand letters, small claims matters, contractor litigation, deed drafting, contract review or drafting, and property disputes.

LGBT Legal Issues
We are experienced in legal matters that affect the Maine lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or transsexual, or queer (LGBTQ) community. We can help with all aspects of making sure that you and your family are legally protected, including parenting agreements relating to your child or children, estate planning, second parent or step-parent adoptions, and co-parenting issues for couples or multiple parent families. We also have experience with settling or dissolving same-sex relationships, including same sex marriage and same sex divorce issues, family creation and dissolution, adoption, handling child residency and visitation issues, and division of assets and debts. Our other services include co-parenting agreements, de facto parent cases, emancipation cases, same-sex adoption, domestic partnership or civil union dissolution, estate planning, marriage and adoption questions, drafting a power of attorney for health care or a financial power of attorney, and issues related to the transgender, transsexual, or gender non-conforming community, including discrimination cases, changes in identity documents, name changes, custody cases involving transgender children or transgender spouses, and appeals for denials of coverage for gender transition treatment with insurance companies, Medicare, or Mainecare. We also have experience handling issues specific to gay, lesbian, or transgender youth including school issues.

Research, Writing, and Unbundled Legal Services
Portland Legal LLC, offers research, writing, or drafting services for clients and for other attorneys. We have researched and drafted winning briefs and motions for state and federal appeals courts. We research and draft motions, briefs, appeal documents, and other documents and can do this work for you at a reasonable cost even if we do not represent you for an entire case.

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